Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sooooooo check this out!

I think this will be my best blog yet.

I've been surfing the net a lot lately and have taken notice that I have a lot of fans and a lot of enemies out there. How could that be I'm a Princess. LOL

Here's the deal. I was checking out this one website that doesn't even deserve me to mention it, so I will refer to him as the unstable blogger on Blogger, that has a nice ring to it. As some of you have noticed he follows my blog I feel honored. Not only do I feel honored, but apparently he loves me because he has spoken of me on his blog more than himself. I would like to say thank you unstable blogger. As I checked out his labels because nothing else on his site was interesting I saw that I have been mentioned 85 times and that does not include other labels that have my name on it. That is more than anything he has ever blogged about. What was his life like before I entered the picture? He appears to be a very lonely man who needs lots of attention and confirmation. He has only blogged about himself (all about me) 34 times. Does this tell a story that goes deeper than we know?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A friend in need is a friend in deed.

Immmmm baaaack!

Yes and this time I'm talking about friends..... how many of us have them? friends.....ones we can depend on.

Just the other day I was thinking about my friends and having conversations with a few of my so called friends.

When I am in need of assistance from my friends, it's often difficult to ask and be exposed as "Human" and interdependent upon others. That is the hardest part. and it's also the part that makes me wonder how good of a friend am I.

So I considered for a while am I one of those so called friends who can only befriend someone in need? I can be that friend who can come to the rescue and save the day. I can cheer a pal who's down, I can lend a helping hand sometimes even to my own detriment. I'm a great friend in need. But am I a friend in deed?

Check this out. as I examine my inner most places, I discovered that I carry expectations. Expectations of reciprocation of intent and deed. When I'm in need, I look to my friends to be the friend that I am. I expect them to cheer me, to put themselves aside to assist me in my time of lack, to act in my stead as a champion of my best interest. no matter the personal cost to them excusing emanate detriment. Fair? NO absolutely not. When they do not come thru in the way that I would have them, I am upset, sad and sometimes angry at them simply for not being me and doing what I would have done. So why all the introspection? Why not. perhaps the world would be a better and more authentic place if it were such that more of us interdependent humans spent more time inside our selves than elsewhere. Could it be that "friendship" is a comfortable concept that has been accepted by the masses to qualify our innate interdependent nature, while preserving our fragile ego-ideals?

I think I'll be spending some time pondering this concept and get back to you all in a while. till then......keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.""

Thursday, March 19, 2009

a lil sumthin that needs to come out

At this point I have so many questions. What is the meaning of Love? What is the structure of an exciting love story in contemporary times? And once the story commences how do you keep it going? How can we trust what seems real, or for that matter, how can we trust anything these days? Nothing seems to be built to last: cars, clothes, dental crowns and especially relationships. With the high divorce and infidelity rates, marriage seems like a bad bet even for people with gambling addiction. The phrase serial monogamy sounds too much like a Curable STD. Should we not have a collections of loves and/or marriages: one for sex and one for kids, one for therapy, one for companionship and maybe a Las Vegas one for fun.

I know things have changed since the 1950's especially with gender roles shifting, blurring and smearing. Women juggle the stress of careerism with the gravity of biology with a sense of truncated liberation and Men heed to the duty to provide at the risk of emotional impairment and hesitating masculinity.

The way and how we communicate these days is so conducive to the impersonal and emotional fakery. Emails/texting is such a contraceptional prophylactic agency of deception and detachment, where the virtual is virtually everywhere, competing vociferously with the staleness of a pedestrian reality. And in the land of Internet Connections, ithis and ithat, where busy people meet, and check in about their day, find out how someone is coping with their self doubt and insecurities there is insidious vapor of self-centeredness and faux connections that impede the journey to the things that we all say we want: Love and Intimacy.

I know how to love children, nature, friends, objects, things, ideas and dreams. But to love a man is something different, I am learning. It is more art and not mathematics. It is spiritual and not political. It is magical not didactical. It is a gigantic leap of faith not a calculated formula that lands one in the lap of safety and comfort. I realized that the thirst for knowledge and truth at the expense of magic destroys the spirit, blemishes the art and spoils the palate. I know first hand the failure of theory over practice, talking over hugging, and dreaming over living. As I engage my partner in the journey for love , I must simply love more from the heart and less from the mind and realize that a whisper can be more powerful than a roar and that small steps can be more meaningful than gigantic ones. But am I willing to sacrifice and dwell in places of famine and scarcity for this love and keep waiting, remaining open and not give up and not relenting to the adversary who is impudence, impotent connection, desperation? The answer is most certainly, YES.

I know patience is essential and preparedness is foundational, however the wait is killing me! Images of a past life suggest that I was a healer and that I was much too busy...or made myself to appear that way, to love and be open...My love was exhibited in the service that I constantly found myself in to those who were in need of easing of pain and suffering from life's insidious diseases and ailments. Today I suffer the ailment of heartsickness, red eyes and swollen nasal passages are clinical presentations of the deeper ailment. My prescription, to stand fast. To experience what the Sufi call "weathering that which wears you down, a firing of the soul and spirit" I know this to be true....what I possess is real, what I am able to co-create is real, and it the search for such or the abandonment of the same is timeless.

I hope to apply the examples of times' greatest lovers in my journey, and that others will find a way to do the same.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Jamaican Funk, that's what it is.

This is dedicated to someone I don't know. A friend of mine told me she dedicated this song to me online a month a go I believe. So I would like to give her a shout out and say Thank you! So put your dancing shoes on and start moving!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009


"Throughout history, the Lord has commanded His people to build temples. Temples are literally houses of the Lord. They are holy places of worship where individuals make sacred promises with God."

I know and can testify that the temples are the most sacred place I can go to feel peace. The feeling I have when I am that close to God is beautiful. This is a special place, I am blessed to have Temples as part of my faith. It is the house of God.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Watz up?

Wow, it' been a long time....

What I've been up to isn't important, lets talk about head and heart matters...and lets not omit the signals and direction that comes from that place between thighs.

It's kinda cool when two outta the three are congruent, it's scary when all three seem to be saying the same things, and it's crazy when only one of the three says "awe, that water isn't shallow." What to do what to do, sex always complicates things, I mean, there are so many things to negotiate..previous histories, diagnosis, partners, feelings, expectations, points of phycosis, condom use...the list could be even longer. Abstainance is still always an OPTION.

When my sex is not my weapon, or my currency. What stops me from engaging in a sexual relationship with out commitment?

When my sex is not my obsession or my gift to my partner. What pushes me to indulge full in sex with reckless abandon?

When my sex is mine and I am empowered to hold or share it. What makes me make choices about intimacy that feel like missed opportunites?

Men, Ladies please think about what sex means to you before engaging in it. Define intimacy for yourself and evaluate the WHYS. Remain curious.

Sex Safely !

Monday, March 9, 2009

Car commercial

You may have already seen this, but my little buddy thought it would be great for the viewers of my site! A friend of my has the same video on her site thanks to her I can share it with my viewers. I also laugh everytime I see it.

I hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Did someone say FREE?

Free things to do and see in Colorado if your strap for cash and still want to have fun with friends or family. Check out to check out free activities. The site has free activities during the week also. This will be good for those stay at home parents who need ideas for field trips with their children during the week. I’m listing some weekend activities since most people do work during the week.

The Denver Zoo normally has free admission days for Colorado residents starting in Oct every year.

The site also has jigsaw puzzles of scenic shots from around Colorado I think these are pretty cool if you like puzzles:




Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield (Littleton)
When Fri, April 3rd, May 1st 9am – 5pm
Where 8500 Deer Creek Canyon Road, Littleton
Free admission today for Colorado residents.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science (Denver)
When Sun, April 19, May 31st 9am – 5pm
Where 2001 Colorado Blvd, Denver
Free admission for Colorado residents.
(Note that a fee still applies for viewing IMAX films and Planetarium shows)

Denver Botanic Gardens (Denver)
When Sat, April 25, 9am – 5pm
Where Denver Botanic Gardens, 1005 York Street, Denver
Free admission today for Colorado residents.
To those that are familiar with redbox(movie rental ) they have free movie 1 night rental on Wednesdays in March just go to on Wednesdays to get your code.
March Coupons:

Qdoba coupon:

Jamba Juice coupon:

Enjoy and have fun!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


This is one of the most uplifting songs I've ever heard. I believe music is very powerful I feel spiritually revived every time I hear this song. I can only imagine what it will be like!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Michigan women’s basketball coach

Michigan women’s basketball coach Kevin Borseth had a meltdown of epic proportions. I posted this March 1st 2008 on another blog I have. Everytime I see this video I think back to when I played Basketball. All I can say is you gotta love Sports!