Friday, April 24, 2009


So here is the deal. I care for people especially the ones close to me. I hate it when someone I'm close to is a pushover. I have several of them in my life and it drives me crazy when they are being taken advantage of. I wish they had the balls to stand up for themselves. What causes one to be like that? I admit there was a point in my life where I was kind of a pushover, but it was based on the circumstances and not a constant thing and it did not define who I was.

Someone close to me is a Super Woman pushover and I mean the biggest pushover I believe exist. I love this person to death and would die for her, but it's not my life although it does affect me directly and indirectly.

If I was a rude and disrespectful woman I would tell the fuckers taking advantage of her and others in my life where to stick it. I hate people who take advantage of others kindness. I hate greedy people who think they deserve it all. I hate people who try to intimidate others to get what they want. I hate bullies. I hate people who abuse there power in a position. I hate people who judge you when they don't know you. I hate people who try and sabotage your success. I hate people who will go out of there way to lie on you to get you fired. I hate people who lie to try to get ahead and oh yeah let's not forget the ass kissers you work or have worked with. I have worked with a lot of those in my short careers and boy are there lips big.

If you are a pushover reading this get some balls please not only does it affect you, but it also affects others around you who care and love you.

To those big headed bullies, assholes, ass kissers, greedy and arrogent pigs, blood sucking jerks, and incompetent people who have no life except when their gossiping. I know deep down you are miserable and knowing that makes me smile :) You are the ones who have to live with yourself and go to sleep at night knowing how you treat people each day. P.S. You suck!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I used to be and still kind of am a pushover of sorts. I don't like confrontation or making a big deal out of things. However, I do know when people are using me or taking advantage of my generous nature.

I'm sorry you have to deal with this. Not all people think about the people that their actions affect directly let alone indirectly. Keep your chin up... karma's a bitch.


Rozita said...


Thank you for your comment! I just hate to see people I love being taken advantage of you know.

Anonymous said...

What is that in the pic anyway?? It's ugly as hell!!! Haha!!! Did you name it Pharisee hehe :o) Smile P.


Rozita said...


Now let’s ne nice! Let's not alienate anyone..