Friday, August 28, 2009

There is HOPE

A good outcome for Jaycee Dugard family, but just the beginning for Jaycee. Jaycee can now start to recover from the abuse she has suffered for the last 18yrs. Because a PEDOPHILE was let out of prison we have three other victims and no telling how many more. I'm happy for Jaycee family , but sad for her as I know this will be a long and hard journey for her. Now Phillip Garrido and his wife Nancy Garrido can face the charges against them and hopefully be put away for the rest of their lives locked in a cell.

What she will go through will be similar to what the FLDS women and girls go through when they have successfully escaped. They are abused mentally, sexually, and physically. There are also fed information daily about the world that is not true they isolate them, they threaten them, they keep them from getting an education, and prevent them from going to a doctor. All of this is part of the brain washing process. The mental abuse is very damaging to them. They question their own decisions and ultimately aren't sure who to trust. During Jaycee healing process It's highly possible that Jaycee will think that she wants to go back to her abusers and or miss them. This is exactly what the FLDS girls go who have left they struggle with going back to their abusers or to remain safe. This is what happens when a child's mind has been raped.

It's sick when adults manipulate children to satisfy their own needs. These pedophiles consider themselves religious and/or use religion in some form or another as an excuse or to hide behind. We all know the truth and in the end JUSTICE will be done. THERE IS HOPE!!! Good luck Jaycee on your new life free from bondage.!!!!!!!!!!

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Stamp said...

Thanks for the post!

People need to get out their crayons and color by numbers and see how the FLDS and Phillip Garrido are much the same.

And in both cases law enforcement has turned a blind eye.

Why is it necessary for public outcry to save the children!?