Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday a dashful day

Gosh. I'm so tired, but there's so much I want to many things! I spent 8 hours and 450 miles on the road today from 11am to 1am. I sooo earned my road warrior girl scout badge today! A few blogs ago, I blogged about making the most of the dash. I did it for today's dash. Woke up at my friend's house up north in the trees in Carrieville, while driving the 4 hours home caught up with all my friends on the drive home, unloaded the pots of plants I had worked on planting for 2 days, cleaned up my back deck, found hope and solace in my soon to be re-claimed backyard, and then jumped back in the car, picking up my sister and friend to drive to the Santa Cruz Mountains for a concert with India Arie. As I sat, in a thin shawl and dress on a freezing summer night, in the punchbowl arena in the Saratoga hills at the Mountain Winery, I was completely impressed with her. She is the kind of artist I would want to be...when I grow up. I love being around people who enjoy your company as much as you enjoy theirs.

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