Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sooooooo check this out!

I think this will be my best blog yet.

I've been surfing the net a lot lately and have taken notice that I have a lot of fans and a lot of enemies out there. How could that be I'm a Princess. LOL

Here's the deal. I was checking out this one website that doesn't even deserve me to mention it, so I will refer to him as the unstable blogger on Blogger, that has a nice ring to it. As some of you have noticed he follows my blog I feel honored. Not only do I feel honored, but apparently he loves me because he has spoken of me on his blog more than himself. I would like to say thank you unstable blogger. As I checked out his labels because nothing else on his site was interesting I saw that I have been mentioned 85 times and that does not include other labels that have my name on it. That is more than anything he has ever blogged about. What was his life like before I entered the picture? He appears to be a very lonely man who needs lots of attention and confirmation. He has only blogged about himself (all about me) 34 times. Does this tell a story that goes deeper than we know?


The Pharisee said...


Until we know why it is that you called Newbridge (and other places) pretending to be a member of the FLDS and pretending to be in distress, it is not possible to clear up the whole mess.

As it stands now, you are one of the largest child abusers in United States history. It would help you if you would be entirely honest about what led up to the calls.

It would help the families, who could then help their children.

It would clear up the issue of whether or not Texas had probable cause.

If you were to go, in your many travels, to the office of Rod Parker in Salt Lake City, and make a statement, under oath, regarding anything they might ask, and answer all questions without reservation, I wouldn't have a thing to say about you, other than "thank you."

Rozita said...

Prove It!

The Pharisee said...

As you wish.

Carol said...

I believe the comment "Prove it" is an indication of guilt.

It will be proven, hopefully soon.
I have to agree with the first poster, you and whoever was working with you, will be found out and I hope the punishment fits the crime.

People suffered and still suffering over your phone calls. I would not be so proud of the misery you have caused.

I hope you will answer Pharisee's plea, to go to someone and make a statement, under oath, many of us would indeed thank you.

Anonymous said...

In response to the pharisee you speak as if you know for a fact that she made the calls. I like her response to prove it. I have not heard of Rosita being charged with anything. Just because you get your information from the media does not make it correct. I have followed the events that occurred last year and I have not been convinced that she made the calls. She has never been to that ranch nor was she in Texas so how would she know the details of what was going on during the raid. That is what proves to me that she did not do it. There is a real victim out there who called for help and thank God for her she helped expose the abuse that was going on at that ranch..

Rozita said...

When one is being accused of something the burden lies on the accuser to prove it. I’m not here to change any minds or opinions of me. As that saying goes “opinions are like assholes everyone has one.” I will not be combative with any of you. I will take the higher road. I will also pray to Heavenly Father that all of you find peace within yourselves. Carol you had posted another comment and it did not publish if you would like it to be published resent it I’m not sure why it did not publish. I do not follow links published by others so the comment “as you wish” means nothing to me. As I recall the blog was about you not me. I will not go into the issues you want to discuss. This is my blog and I will choose the direction it goes.

The Pharisee said...

From where I sit, you endangered the lives of hundreds of people. Most of them children. We all go before God in judgment, and this is something you know.

Are you going before him in judgment with this not CONFESSED to the people you sinned against? It will cost you.

If you are not guilty of making the calls Rozita, you know something, and that something needs to be told to the people it can help.

Thomas said...

Rozita, Do you have a conscience? You have left small children traumatized by what you did?
You can try to rectify the situation by revealing who was feeding you information. Was it you anonymous?
You must have a pretty stupid attorney if he or she hasnt advised you aginst publishing a blog.

Anonymous said...

"Innocent until proven guilty" is the law. Being that I just spent the last month of my life in jury duty having it drilled into my head... I have a clear understanding that it is the prosecuters burden to prove the accused of guilt. Just because someone hears something on the news and has it stuck in their head that this person did this, or this person didn't do that, doesn't make it true. You can prove that this person's page is linked to this person's page through this person's page and blah blah blah... but that still doesn't have anything to do with whether or not this person is the person who actually committed the crime. Stop accusing some innocent person, yes she is innocent because she hasn't been proven guilty by any statute of law, just because your too close minded to see past the media and their biased views on the world and it's goings on.

Thomas said...

Anonymous, Let's start with the obvious. This is somone that has done this before. The two phone numbers that were used in the hoax were traced to two phone numbers that Rozita was known to use. The reason that Rozita hasn't been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt is that the state of Texas has yet to formslly charge her. The reason for that is the state of Texas does not want to disturb the short attention span of the public and remind them how the raid began.

Rozita said...

Oh! I didn't know it was against the law to have a blog. Why would I need an attorney to advise me on a blog? There is a lot of Love in the air here today.

Toes said...

Princess, you are quite right. It's not against the law to have a blog, and you certainly have the right of free speech. Carry on, I say.

I notice that you posted this bait on the 25th, and nobody commented until the 27th. I wonder how many times you checked, on the long, slow day of the 26th, to see if you had reeled anybody in yet?

Anonymous at 15:31, Thank you for fulfilling your civic duty to serve as a juror. So many regard it as a burden and try to get out of doing so. Because you believe in these things: "Innocent until proven guilty" and "Just because someone hears something on the news and has it stuck in their head that this person did this, or this person didn't do that, doesn't make it true.", I know you are giving the parents of the FLDS children the benefit of the doubt as well.

Anonymous said...

Willie the weirdest of flds said the 12 men indicted were not convicted so he wouldn't tell Oprah about their little kiddie wives.

The Pharisee sounds like an flds man demanding you Rozita to do as he says.

Well, go stuff it freak, Phariseee.

You don't get a say in this battle and as far as Texas is concerned, this battle is over.

Guess who the winner is?

And who will win the war? That is yet to be decided. For all we know polygamy may endure another hundred years.

How awful would that be?

Rozita said...


Correction the blog was posted the 26th in the evening and created on the 25th. I don't sit around on the computer all day like most of you all looking and waiting for people to comment on your blog. I do have a life.

To those of you who have an agenda or want to send threats or name calling(racist) I will not be posting them and I will report them if you are in violation of the Blogger terms.

Hazzbinns said...

R. Estraletta you hold what some perceive to be a key(s) to overturning the YFZ Ranch search warrants. The interest is to exploit the Texas Rangers actions/inactions in any way to get the issued search warrants nullified. The records/documents taken in the CPS Removal are so incriminating that all is lost without a legal means to get the warrants dismissed. Judge Walther's has been vilified and made into a heinous and heartless jurist. Their quest is to reshape and fashion the truth and justice into their hidden agendas and basically defend the unconscionable practices of the FLDS Church with their public manipulations of events. They are the Brethren to themselves and not seeking the Light, just their grandiose and edited version of the truth. I believe they, more than likely, have misjudged you, too. I would assume you have your own knowledge of events and I would caution you to not arm them with any privileged information because it will be exploited only to their prejudiced benefit. They are attempting to now put you on trial in the blogosphere and they will mock, goad and unfairly degrade you to achieve their immoral agendas. Stay true to yourself, keep your spiritual strength and 'Vaya Con Dios'.

Anonymous said...

I believe, Rozita, That you are the strongest of all the people i know. You did not call in the raids...but somebody did, thats not facing anything because they got you to be the scapegoat. But if you know or suspect a child being abused and dont report are just as low as the person doing the abusing. So, you all know that somebody did call it in, you know that Rozita is the one in trouble for it all, and you know that something has gone on in there. I would rather my kids be taken away until everyone knew i wasnt abusing them, then to have my children abused and nobody doing anything. Im sure my kids would feel the same way. sure, its hard, but my hell, cant you all just let it be?! Cant you wait until there is a verdict before deciding to burn her at the stake? Get a life, move on, and when the time comes...GET OVER IT! those kids will and obviously so has everyone else!!!

Anonymous said...

If you are Rozita, then I hope you know The Pharisee is Pompus Windbag and sits in front of his computer all day everyday, and investigates as he call it, LOL on the internet. The Pharisee would love for polygamy to be legal, he has been dying for another wife for years.
Now he has delusions he knows all the answers in the case of Flds.LOL
Personally, I don't honestly believe you are Rozita Swinton, but you started this blog to see who would post.
Now you know! You have a "would be, blowhard named The Pharisee, and some female or male who knows? named carol... LOL

BlArthurHu said...

OMG, this really IS Rozita's page. And she still has absolutely no remorse for setting off the most horrendous case of government-committed child abuse of the 20th and 21st century. Seems like the government must have struck some kind of deal to have her be the caller to let the authorities into ranch. It is absolutely ridiculous for Texas to maintain that they had absolutly no plan to interrogate and round up every kid until they could be put up for adoption. Absolutely that the only person in this case absolutlely guilty of a deliberate heinous crime isn't even charged with making the fateful call. With all the phone numbers that Swinton is known to have called, there is absolutely no way anyone else could have done it. Flora knows this. Carolyn knows this.

Pliggy said...


I for one completely forgive you. I know that you have had a very hard life that few understand, and I know you enjoy having friends. It is too bad that some of those would be friends lied to you about the FLDS, and goaded you into making phone calls that have caused so much trouble.

Peace comes by owning up to mistakes, and overcoming them by sticking to the truth. You don't have to explain anything here on your blog. We are not the judges.

Hopefully in the end you find peace and happiness in your life. And I mean that sincerely.

cheese said...

AMEN to what Pliggy said! My sentiments as well. Rozita, my prayer is that you will have the strength of character to do the right thing and confess the wrong done and try as far as you have power to make restitution, and that our loving Heavenly Father will have mercy on your soul. The same things that I would wish for myself, I wish upon you.

Anonymous said...

Rozita, Don't beleive Pliggy or Cheese or Toes! They lie through their teeth.
Anything you know Rozita, it's between you and who you chose to talk to.
She doesn't need forgiveness, if and its a big IF she called authorities about the ranch, Good for her! There was abuse going on at that ranch and it was time someone took it seriously.

Stamp said...

Hey Pharisee, how is the polygamy deal working out for ya?

You and Pliggy kick it around over beers?

Rozita OWNS your sinning carcasses, she actually cares about children.

WE know how you treat yours, dont we?

Good luck,

Take three aspirin and check with Dr. Phil in the morning!

Anonymous said...


How can Roxita be responsible for 12 sexual assault indictments?

Did she make these men act this way?

She like most would agree this type of activity needs prosecution.

Nothing to be sorry about!

The Pharisee said...

For the anonymous that claims there was abuse going on at the ranch.

Just how many cases does CPS have left, a year later, and who is in foster care, for what?

Anonymous said...

cheese said... (!)

AMEN to what Pliggy said! My sentiments as well. Rozita, my prayer is that "THE FLDS" will have the strength of character to do the right thing and confess the wrong done and try as far as THEY have power, to make restitution, and that our loving Heavenly Father will have mercy on THEIR soul.



Didnt know you were ready to admit the FLDS was full of crimes!

About time someone acknowledged it! Seeing Warren and Willie wont, and not an once of repentence coming forth!

BUT, HAY, Whaddya expect from a cluster of false Propets? Hmmm, send a dozen of them to prison for good measure, that seems like a good startting point.

They missed the rentence window when Rulon passed. Too late now!

Sara said...

Zita, I am so sorry that these people are attacking you in this way. Seems to be a witch hunt if you ask me. These people do not know you and they have no right to pass judgement on you. The only judgement should come from Our Lord and Saviour. This man is playing judge and juror in something that he apparently knows nothing about. There is obviously a reason why Texas has not filed any formal charges on ANYONE. I don't know what that reason is, you don't know what that reason is, and most of all this man, The Pharisee, as he calls himself, does not know the reason. Speculation does not count. It's a good thing that our court system is in place, because these witch hunters just want someone to hang for something that really no one knows enough about. And your connection to this case, whatever it may or may not be, is between you and God, and the court system. These people should stay out of it.

Zita, just know that there are many out there who support you, and many who will be right by your side through all of this. I, for one, am one of those people. Not everyone is gunning for you.

I have known you way too long to believe anything but that you are a good person with good intentions. Just keep doing the things that you do and keep being the person that you are, because that is the person that I know and love. Stay Strong Zita.

Anonymous said...


Guess what? You have an even dozen going to trial in Texas, OH WAIT I forgot to mention those pesky Federal indictments coming down the pipe too!

Shucks! Arent you glad you dont have the Cajones to Practice Polygamy in all its Western Glory?

You would be going to prison too! They ought to keep you in that northern liberal A$$hat state so you dont get into trouble!

Anonymous said...

"BlArthurHu said...

OMG, this really IS Rozita's page. And she still has absolutely no remorse

GEEZ Louise ArturoB, how much remorse has Warren shown?

Errr Willie?

Errr Any intolerant bigoted racist ASH HAT Plyg? Any remorse at all?

All we get from the FLDS are legal motions and appeals. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

At least Texans recognize rotten eggs when they see them, ship em off to prison!

Fine them up the Whazzo! If Warren hasnt stolen all of it. Guess we can sell The Crick and YFZ though huh?

And whats odd is so many people are so quick to call Rozita guilty, they dont even know the facts.

But whaddya expect form intolerant racist bigots?

Hope the FLDS buy a few dozen copies of "Coping in Prison For Dummies"...

Anonymous said...

Why should Rozita have remorse? Has anything been proven against her? Where are the charges? How do you know she actually made the calls your accusing her of??
Were you there? I guess many of you would follow Pharisee off a cliff to , if he told you to.

Anonymous said...

Rozita is guilty of nothing - and when this is fully vetted surprise surprise wont the FLDS be embarrassed.

They are already, they just wont publically acknowledge it.

Thats what prison is for. So they can soak in their embarrassment.

And their familys can be embarrassed when their FLDS buddies ask, "Say, how is Merril lately? And Warren? I like his droning training tapes, but I havent got one lately."

"So I had to listen to his racist rants over and over. Tell him "HI!" next time you see him will you?"

Fitzee said...

This is truly very interesting. I LOVE how people would rather attack and cry, "Conspiracy!" than they would entertain the idea that maybe, just maybe, there were children being abused. Anger is a much easier emotion to feel than horror or sadness. Hugh--thanks for pointing my way to this blog. I live in Colorado, so I have followed this story with some interest. I happened upon Hugh's blog by chance, and I am thankful that he led me here. Hugh, if you spent half the time doing something to help people as you do obsessing about Rozita Swinton, you might be able to do some good. I actually spend my time helping victims of sexual violence, and I fear you. You cite both the Bible and science as justification that a girl's menses is a sign that she should be able to be married and have children. Age of first menses is getting 10 years old is not unheard of. I do not care to debate this with you. I do not know the Bible as you do, and enough people hide under their interpretations of the Bible to justify all sorts of abuse. I read on your blog that you stand behind men having sex with children, and you throw around different rationales for it. If ANY of you all are adult males and want to have sex and children with a 12 year old girl, you are frightening and should be locked up. I don't care about your faith, I care about children.
Which is a nice lead in to Rozita. Rozita--I don't know whether you are the "mystery caller" or not. I have to be honest, part of me hopes against all hope that what was alleged to have been happening down there WAS false. Not because I (unlike Hugh and his little friends--I mean who is this Carol? Was she never a 12 year old girl? Does she have a daughter? Would she let a 50 year old man have sex with her daughter? Seriously?) want there to be some evil conspiracy against religious freedom so I can point fingers and quote scripture and condemn others. No, I hope that all of the allegations were false because that would mean that the children were SAFE, and they were not being raped or beaten. Now calm down, Hugh. I agree that being removed from their parents was traumatizing to the children. I imagine more of the real trauma that some of the children endured will be revealed when more of the details of the indictments come down. I don't know.

The Pharisee said...

So, Rozita. Just a wild one here. Ever work for the police/law enforcement? Formally? Informally? In Colorado?

Pretend to be a High School Student?

Anonymous said...

Fitzee - great post!

Yes, I too had heard Pharty had popped a gasket -

But being a true whacko, he hasnt thought it through.

How could Rozita possibly be the caller? Know everyones names?

Reasonable doubt!

OTOH, we have what, DNA, pics and dictations of the FLDS do what everybody knew they been doin, so guess what?

Debate it all the way to prison, Pharisee!

Genocide! Persecution! GAH!

Sorry Hugh, the FLDS are practicing child molesters, they will be shuffled off to prison where such scum belongs!

Hazzbinns said...

Well, Pharisee the Ayes have it. You seem to have wandered into yet another 'box canyon' with your faded logic and missing proof. Like Ms.R said,"Prove it". Simple as that, you think that your so close but yet, if she is falsely accused, you are so far away. Texas Rangers haven't brought any charges because you want to believe they are corrupt/evil?
Why is it that you can't prove that either??

Anonymous said...

Phartisee couldnt prove he even really beleives in Polygamy, since his wife has him pistol whipped and kept in a little box.

What a life, a freustrated Plyg must be!

Watch the REAL Pligs go to prison. At least Pharts wife kept him form that!

Anonymous said...

Pharisee... regarding your assumption that Rozita is leaving the country... you know what they say about assuming. She never actually said she was leaving the country...

Maybe she put her location on her profiles as places she would like to go, or places far away from where she actually is because she doesn't want people to know where she is. It's completely understandable considering today's world, there's are some real creeps out there... COUGH COUGH!!!

I'm not going to comment on your gay/lesbian comments... your infatuation with Rozita and everyone in her life is sick and wrong. Get a life!!!

Anonymous said...

Texas Rangers sealed the evidence they got from Rozita. So,,, seems to me Pharisee and anyone else who is playing this cat and mouse game is full of Bull Hockey!
Im sure the Feds have whatever evidence Rangers found... I know that just breaks your heart pharisee mr detective, lol

Anonymous said...

Wow, this little thread told a lot about the Pharisee.

I thought he would be a polygamist.

If not, why the interest?

Very weird fellow.

As the raid was a very traumatic thing for those who were removed in the raid, it was necessary for them to go through that in life.

It's like the parent who will turn their child over to the surgeon.

They take a risk, yes, but the goal is to extend the life of the child and improve that quality of life.

There you go. Those Texas Rangers were very skilled surgeons in that sense. No violence ensued as a result and as far as I am concerned,


Hopefully the quality of life will improve for these little women in prairie dresses,

if they can get willie the thug to stop harping and hovering.

and Pharisee, oh you are the worst vermin on earth,

Wonder how it will go for YOU on judgment day, freak boy.


The Pharisee said...


Call Oprah. I'll go on WITH you.

Lucille said...

and Pharisee, oh you are the worst vermin on earth,

Oh, yes. Kim, Castro, Mugabe, Idi Amin- they all have nothing on a guy who ponders having sex with more than one woman. He is clearly Satan incarnate.

Anonymous said...


Why dont you get a life? Pretending you are a polygamist is just toooo funny!

You are a pussy whipped frustrated porno brain.

Sad excuse for a man. BTW how is your friend WSJ!?? Yeah you could be in prison just like him!

alyMcBeal said...

Pharisee - back in March you posted to this blog and stated this:
"Are you going before him in judgment with this not CONFESSED to the people you sinned against? It will cost you."

What kind of believer are you??? WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE?! Ever heard of "Thou shall not judge lest thee be judged"

I dont know who YOUR savior is, but My Savior, Jesus Christ, SAVES and forgives on a daily basis. We all sin against Christ daily, even hourly, with our thoughts, deeds, and inaction. When we come to Christ on our knees in prayer each night, the slate is wiped clean.

I will pray for you, in fact, I will pray for ALL of you - that you would not center your entire lives upon someone else's actions or inactions. You are not her judge.