Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Watz up?

Wow, it' been a long time....

What I've been up to isn't important, lets talk about head and heart matters...and lets not omit the signals and direction that comes from that place between thighs.

It's kinda cool when two outta the three are congruent, it's scary when all three seem to be saying the same things, and it's crazy when only one of the three says "awe, that water isn't shallow." What to do what to do, sex always complicates things, I mean, there are so many things to negotiate..previous histories, diagnosis, partners, feelings, expectations, points of phycosis, condom use...the list could be even longer. Abstainance is still always an OPTION.

When my sex is not my weapon, or my currency. What stops me from engaging in a sexual relationship with out commitment?

When my sex is not my obsession or my gift to my partner. What pushes me to indulge full in sex with reckless abandon?

When my sex is mine and I am empowered to hold or share it. What makes me make choices about intimacy that feel like missed opportunites?

Men, Ladies please think about what sex means to you before engaging in it. Define intimacy for yourself and evaluate the WHYS. Remain curious.

Sex Safely !

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