Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Things are going good and I hope the same on your end. I have been very busy and have not gotten back to some of you just know I have not forgotten about you and I will write, call, or see you soon :)

I've been very busy with life and its little adventures. Lately I've been shopping a lot and enjoying buying new things to decorate the place with. Tis the season. I want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays. I would like to thank everyone who has kept me in your thoughts and prayers. I appreciate my friends and family for all the support and I love all of you. Everything has been falling into place with school and all. I find myself pretty busy lately with life and all of its blessings. A lot of amazing things have occurred this year and will continue to occur you just have to have faith.

The family is good and everyone is growing around me. The best part of this season is shopping for the little ones. It's been a blast I've purchased dragons, knights, dolls, and a lot of other fun stuff for the kids. I didn't forget the Big kids those purchases were a little pricier but well worth it. I also did a little indulging myself. I set up a savings account the first part of the year for my holiday shopping and I must say it worked out perfectly. I had the perfect amount of money saved to purchase all my gifts and more.

If you enjoy shopping as much as I do I'd recommend you do the same next year. If you just set aside a certain amount of money each month to save for the holidays then there is no need to worry about having money for Christmas. May everyone be blessed through the end of the year and into the next. The year appears to be ending on a good note.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I miss you lady give me a call sometime so we can catch a movie-KA