Monday, December 14, 2009

Very Smart Faucet

This smart faucet is equipped with face recognition technology, able to memorize your face, and then turn on to your preferred temperature and flow when you approach it. Amazingly, this faucet even has a touchscreen display located on top which can be used to check your email, calendar. It should be equipped with WiFi connectivity that can be hooked up to your home WiFi router for fetching emails and calendar updates.
The faucet shall be a good one for those overly busy geeks. So when you’re worried that you don’t even have a minute to shave, you can then shave in front of this faucet as it also lets you check through your inbox, to make sure the precious minutes not wasted while you’re shaving. The faucet is also integrated with LEDs which illuminate to show the temperature, transition from blue to red for higher temperatures. I love this: smart-faucet.

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