Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sad day in America!

I use to celebrate this day every year as it was marked on my calendar. Today is a couple of my cousins birthday and one of them is a pretty special person and I do wish them a happy birthday. I love both of you!

The evil doers of the world have chosen this day for some odd reason to commit violent crimes. The one that stands out in my head is April 19, 1995 the day of the Oklahoma city bombing occurred. The deadliest act of domestic terrorism in American history. This anniversary seemed to have faded into the background since all of the other events occurred on or around this day. I was affected more by the Oklahoma City bombing than the September 11th bombing.

If you surveyed people and give them dates such as Oct 2nd, April 19th, Sept 11th, April 16th and Sept 27th and ask what occurred on those dates. Unless someone knew someone involved in the event most people would only know what occurred on Sept 11th. Why is this? Why is it that we care more about an event that was "caused by someone from another Country?" I think the event cause by one of our own (American) is more significant. We talk about people being proud of our Country when the reality is that we only care about our Country if someone from another Country attacks us or try to enter our Country. What about when Americans attack us and our children this occurs daily.

This day is also the anniversary of Ruby Ridge 1992, Waco 1993 and could have easily been the day of the Columbine School shooting that occurred April 20th 1999. I know people personally effected by one or more of these events. My thoughts an prayers are with them during this time. A special prayer goes out to Amy.

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